About HCA

Mission Statement

Hagerstown Choral Arts, Inc. (HCA) is an auditioned, community-based, volunteer chorus dedicated to bringing the highest level of choral music to Hagerstown, Washington County, and the Tri-State area. 


HCA was founded in 1993 by Gregory P. Shook and Ned Wetherald, local musicians who desired to create a vocal ensemble that would perform both sacred and secular music from a variety of musical periods, styles, and cultures. Prior to 1993.

Hagerstown and Washington County lacked an established choral group. HCA has filled a void in the community’s cultural arts scene. Gregory Shook became the artistic director in 1994 when Ned Wetherald departed from the group to become Director of Music and Worship for the Presbyterian Church in State College, PA.

Continued Musical Excellence

Hagerstown Choral Arts continues to grow in size, skill, and variety of musical offerings. HCA has continued to hold an average of 60 members each season. Under Mr. Shook's careful direction, HCA furthers its goal to increase awareness and appreciation of music in the community by collaborating with local organizations, performing arts groups, and musicians. 

HCA performs in local churches, and other community venues, featuring local musicians, soloists, and music students in its concerts. Being invited to perform with both the Maryland Symphony Orchestra  and the Hagerstown Municipal Band, HCA continues to reach a broad section of our community, performing music that some may hear for the first time during these performances. 

HCA’s performances have consistently included at least two major concerts per year, with a repertoire ranging from classical works, such as Haydn’s Creation, and  Mozart's Requiem, and lighter pieces, such as those composed my great American artists, like Cohen and Porter, to patriotic  music, including the National Anthem and America the Beautiful

Music Staff

Gregory Paul Shook - Music and Artistic Director 

Mary Mae Granofsky - Accompanist and Rehearsal Assistant 


Ryan Pask - President 

Carolyn Mentzer - Vice-President 

Shanon Lang - Secretary 

Chris Stockslager - Treasurer 

Robin Spickler - Librarian 

Charlotte Trout - Grant Writer 

Daria Riegler - Board Member 

Meg Ritchey - Board Member 

Elizabeth Cuthbert - Board Member